An oriental icon for the whole of Eindhoven.

If Eindhoven wants to grow to 250,000 inhabitants by 2030, the inner city will have to start to compete heavily. In order to arrive at a suitable compaction model, we went in search of the original urban structures in and around the Deken van Somerenstraat. The area is characterized historically by buildings along the streets, creating large-scale urban blocks. Many of these blocks are ford and know (secret) inner worlds with a wide variety of programs. Our proposal is to create such a fordable, quirky inner world, where the small scale of the environment is surprisingly in contrast with the urbanity of the location. This fits in seamlessly with our ambition to create a living environment for all Eindhoven residents and more specifically also for expats with an Oriental background. A new puzzle piece in the mosaic metropolis. A special addition to this is the integration of the former police station, which, with carefully selected modifications, fits seamlessly into the plan and also gives a programmatic and architectonic form to the transition to the Grote Berg. The housing stock in Eindhoven consists of three-quarters of land-based homes. That in itself is a very special quality, but with the ambitions of compacting and making it more pleasant, living in the city, multifunctional buildings in an attractive mixed urban living environment for a wide range of target groups that meet international standards, it is important to broaden the spectrum. The plan therefore consists of two parts that complement each other and an enrichment the spatial offer: a varied low-rise cluster and a multifunctional tower on a green square.

Architect: NL Architects