No Building but a Living Enviroment.

E.den goes beyond developing a building. The creation of E.den creates a living environment: a sustainable, future-proof ecosystem that includes buildings and public space, but also a program of knowledge development and exchange, a diverse social community and a local network of services. Our pillars are therefore sustainable innovation and connected local economic circles in an inclusive multi-generational community. These translate into the three fundamentals of the E.den concept: the E.den Sustainability Lab, the E.den ECO system and the E.den Buurtsch.APP. E.den is a testing ground for innovation. Technology, Design, Knowledge and the inclusive community come together here in a living lab, not of the city 'loosened' on a campus, but in society and the vibrant heart of Eindhoven. Experimenting with sustainability is part of daily life here, as TDK is part of the Eindhoven DNA. In E.den green living, living together and developing go hand in hand with a city lifestyle in a diverse environment, where different generations can each find their own place in space and community. The buildings, different in structure, are connected by a green route over the roofs and through the corridors of the police building to be renovated. Each roof garden has its own function in its entirety: from a knowledge lab in the roof box, to a quiet and outdoor garden on the Poortgebouw and vegetable gardens on the Crescent where residents and students can lose their eggs with green fingers. In the route, the transitions between the buildings form nodes of meeting and exchange, in both architecture and program. E.den offers space to a varied target group of residents. Starters and newcomers in Eindhoven find their first (flex) home in the Poortgebouw; enterprising and creative young professionals live and work in the studio dwellings in the former Police building with main entrance on the Grote Berg; young families house themselves in the center of the city in the Crescent: a mixture of highness and green, the school right outside the door; and, for those who have spared longer and want to enjoy a comfortable old day, there are spacious, green terrace houses with a view over the green lung towards Gennep. The community thus represents a complete life course in which everyone has his or her place and fulfills his own role.

Architect: Architecten En-En